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"We have engaged CREXi Elite Managed Services for an investment property we have listed and found that with CREXi’s help, we have had incredible activity on the property and several LOIs."

Laurence Bergman
President, Owner

Integrating your Crexi property listings into your website. Your visitors will only see YOUR listings.

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Give buyers the ability to search, sort, and view  property information without leaving your website.

Update your listings in Crexi and they will automatically be updated on your website.

Transform your website into a powerful lead magnet with modern design.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fuse?

Fuse is a website plugin that seamlessly integrates your property listings into your website, and let's prospective buyers view, search and access detailed listing information without leaving your website.

Do I have to be a PRO member to purchase Fuse?

While PRO members get additional features, like full contact information and in-depth statistics, you do not need to be a PRO member to purchase Fuse.

What happens when a visitor tries to download an OM or flyer?

If a website visitor interacts with a listing on your website through Fuse, they will be prompted to sign up or login to Crexi. Their information is then sent to you via email or within your property dashboard.

How quickly do my Crexi listing updates appear on my website? 

Your listings are automatically updated and synced in real-time. Once you update any part of it on CREXi, it will be updated on your website.

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